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About Us

GLAZE HARDWARE is in the business of providing you with beautiful and sturdy home upgrades. We supply a variety of unique hardware such as durable glass hinges, stylish handles, and tough and precise drill bits that help create memorable spaces and luxurious interiors and make ordinary baths and showers truly extraordinary.


Our products include:


    • 90-degree sleeve over glass shower clamps in solid brass with no special glass fabrication required
    • Heavy-duty SQ glass clamps in polished solid glass for ⅜" to ½" glass
    • Sublime Series Hinges available in two finishes that are self-centering and compatible with monolithic tempered glass
      • Tubular C-Pull handles with heavy-duty ¾" diameter tubular construction
        • Tubular Ladder H-Handles that are sleek, stylish, and available in standard and custom finishes 
        • Glass tile drill bits that feature a quick connect ¼ or 3/16" hex shank for easy and precise glass drilling


      We believe that every project deserves the right tools and hardware. Our mission is to help you get your job done.