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Standard Duty Sublime "Full" Back Plate

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The Full Back Style Standard Duty Back Plate offers a versatile solution for various glass installation needs. Ideal for enhancing clearance and adjusting out-of-square walls, this back plate is designed to provide stability and support. It's particularly effective for applications with the Sublime Series Wall to Glass Hinges, ensuring a secure and seamless installation. Whether you're looking to improve clearance or address irregularities in wall alignment, this back plate serves as a reliable choice, offering both functionality and ease of use.


  • Full Back Style Duty Back Plate Only 
  • Works Sublime Series Wall to Glass Hinges
  • Great for Increasing Clearance and Shimming for Out of Square Walls 
  • (5/8" or 3/4" (16 or 19 mm) Hole in Panel) Available in Different Finishes